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Who We Are

Who We Are

Great Lakes Monetary Consultants, LLC., (GLMC) is a precious metals consulting and placement firm that specializes in bullion coins and bars. Because of our expertise in understanding and evaluating the ever-changing and dynamic market for bullion coins, GLMC provides both consulting and investment strategies designed to help anyone, regardless of their market knowledge, benefit from owning gold and silver. Founded in 2005 by innovative, visionary businessman and pastor, Dr. William S. Winston, GLMC has informed and educated thousands of people on the value of owning precious metals.

Our goal is to provide financial insurance to our clients by selling easily tradable and universally recognizable gold and silver coins. Through our commitment of providing exceptional level of information, education, seminars and individual consultations, GLMC imparts knowledge on the history, current relevance, and future significance of holding gold and silver coins.