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The GLMC Difference

Biblical Foundation
At GLMC we teach the Biblical foundation for Gold & Silver as “Real Money.” There are over 700 references to Gold and Silver in the Bible. While the use of gold and silver vary from use in construction to a form of currency; what is consistent in the 4000 years of human history covered by the Bible, is the inherent value of Gold & Silver. Money is defined as an item of value that is accepted as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Because Gold & Silver have a proven record for maintaining its value, we at Great Lakes Monetary Consultants regard Gold & Silver as “Real Money” and encourage the purchase of Gold & Silver for its recognized value.

At GLMC we are committed to education. We want every customer to leave our seminars & events as an informed buyer armed with the necessary tools and understanding to own precious metals. Our learning materials cover the history of Gold & Silver, the development of modern currencies, potential threats to financial markets, the benefits of owning Gold & Silver, and what every buyer should know prior to purchasing Gold & Silver. We consider education a primary responsibility and our precious metals consultants are available to answer your questions.

Pricing & Service
At GLMC we offer competitive pricing & quality service. With every encounter our primary objective is to understand and meet the needs of the customer. Our precious metals consultants are not paid on commission which allows them the freedom to focus on providing the customer with the best pricing options based on their need. Our coins have been minted at government facilities in the United States, Britain, France, and Switzerland and its weight and quality are guaranteed by each government’s mint. We also assist our customers with establishing and funding precious metals based Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

At GLMC we are intentional in our commitment to, and practice of integrity. In our pricing, educational materials, and general services offered we seek to be honest and transparent so that our customer can make a quality and informed decision. We believe in the value of owning Gold & Silver and provide services so that our customers can reap the same benefits of ownership.